Hospice “DAR SERCA” Society in Częstochowa is a public organisation with entry into the National Court Register with number 0000137415 and with it’s headquarters on Kopernika Street No. 34.

One of the main tasks of the Society is realisation of palliative-hospice care for the patients with advanced cancer disease, most of the times in the terminal phase. The Society provides such care for the citizens of Częstochowa and from the surrounding territories, by supporting patients in this special fight – the cancer disease fight.

Hospice care and palliative treatments include physical, psychological, social and spiritual necessities of patients, as well as supports their families and friends also during the orphan period. These tasks of the Society are realised by cooperation with other social, autonomy, religious or medical organisations with similar goals.

Our Society since 2004 has been cooperating with NZOZ SPL Palliative Medicine Clinic and Home Hospice in Częstochowa or with NZOZ ALMEDIC from Kłobuck. Within this cooperation a group of around 150-200 patients makes use of the clinic medical help. It mainly ensures our patients special care in home conditions, provided by the specialist doctors from the scope of palliative medicine, nurses with high professional qualifications, psychological consultations, physiotherapy and rehabilitation (depending on the patients’ needs), as well as social help, spiritual care and volunteers’ support and a possibility to borrow essential medical devices which ate necessary in home treatment (rehabilitation beds, oxygen concentrators, wheels, lifts and others).

Within our activity, we promote active involvement of patients in organising various forms of therapy. From over 5 years, the Society realises a program concentrates on a broad process of oncology rehabilitation – “NADZIEJA”, and one of the elements of this programme is Academy of Creativity Rako-WALECZNI.

Patients, within a scope of Academy, apart from classes therapy, movement therapy, yoga have also a possibility to realise their passions and abilities, including artistic ones. By participation in various painting, poetry, sculpture or theatrical workshops they can make the most of their lives. Because of the support of the artists from Częstochowa, including actors from The Adam Mickiewicz Theatre, there was created a play which was presented by our patients – “Rako-TWÓRCZOŚĆ Zmysłów”. This performance, with a load of personal emotions and authentic feelings, was based on the situation of our patients during their everyday fight with cancers disease, and the actors were the patients themselves.

Within active programs our patients may participate in a project “Better life – complex support for people with oncological disease” – this project is realised since 2 years and directed on physiotherapy, rehabilitation, dietary therapy and as only one in the voivodship, it has gained partial financial supports from PEFRON resources.

Another form of activity of the Society are the following groups which function from over 10 years: The Support Group for Orphan People and The Clinic for the Orphan Kids “SERDUSZKA”.

Nowadays, under constant care there is around 20 children, mainly after death of one of the parents or sibling, who can gain support of psychologist, social help, but also participate in the organised attractions such as New Year’s Eve dances, Santa Claus or Easter meetings and other cyclical forms of classes therapy.

Taking into consideration how big is the fear caused by cancer disease, and still such a great lack of knowledge in the scope of proper supportive activity, our Society conducts broad informative activity, cooperating with the City Hall, local media, Jan Długosz University or with other organisations with similar goals such as Amazon Society in Częstochowa.

The Society is also co-organiser of various types of conferences, trainings and scientific meetings which are dedicated for doctors, nurses, volunteers but it also organises informative actions for patients and their families.

Th Society, within a scope of education of palliative-hospice care, publishes free quarterly “DAR SERCA” which is accessible for patients at our premises, in the hospital units, pharmacies and clinics and it is free of charge.

Our activity would not be possible without the support, including financial help within the scope of Public Benefit Institutions 1%, numerous actions, such as charity balls or sponsors’ help of such organisations a ROTARY CLUB in Częstochowa.

More information on our current activity is provided on our website (which is currently actualised), where you can also find medical guide for patients with oncological treatment, actual events, gallery and calendar of events from the Society’s activity, news about voluntary service, statute, as well as information on how how to support us.

We exist to make the life with cancer disease easier….

Vice-President of the Society